How Are The Risks Posed To Our Travellers And Employees Based Overseas Evolving And What Could The Travel Risk Landscape Look Like In 10 Years Time?

• Meteorological and environmental threats
• Aviation and airport security
• Implications of geopolitical factors on travel security
• Driverless cars

How Does Enterprise Security Risk Management Incorporate Corporate Travel And Relocation?


Behavioral Risk – How Do You Influence Change In Your Travellers Behavior And Attitudes? Can The Decisions Travellers Choose To Make Be Altered?

• Understanding your own profile, how you would react under stress and the behaviors which could get you into trouble.
• Complacency around regular travel – overcoming ‘we know the city, we’ve been there before’ mentality
• Groupthink mentality which can inflame a situation.
• Challenges around alcohol and business drinking cultures
• Being explicit in your expectations of conduct
• What risks and liability might an employer face if non-compliance is consistently having little of no consequence for the offender?
• How do you change the habits and behaviours of subcontractors, agents and consultants who may be representing your organisation?
• How far can you monitor and dictate people’s social media conversations?
• Managing your social media footprint prior to travel, issues around retweeters in your network

Panel Session – Meeting And Event Risk

Conferences, exhibitions, corporate events and regional sales meetings constitute a significant proportion of the business
trips which workforces undertake but do businesses really look at the associated risks of meeting attendance?

• Why are the risks associated with meetings attendance often overlooked?
• What advice should be given to key executives participating as speakers where their attendance and whereabouts is promoted by third parties?
• Business continuity issues to consider

Managing Misconduct Overseas – How Expats And Their Families Unintentionally Run Afoul Of Foreign Laws

• Expat complacence over local laws and regulations
• Segregation of expats exacerbating ignorance of moral boundaries
• Keeping current and informed as to changing local cultural laws
• Due diligence in providing legal assistance on a global basis