Accessing Collected And Stored Data During A Critical Crisis Management Incident

Travelling With Company IT Equipment Abroad – Why The Old Rules No Longer Apply

• Social media protocol while travelling
• Nation State espionage increasing
• How cyber criminals sell the movement of your travelers to competitors
• Cyber attack and malicious extortion – how business travellers are targeted for proprietary and confidential information
• Ghost networks set up with similar names to hotels
• Using public Wi-Fi with business devices – why are the majority or companies still struggling to implement policies which prohibit its use?
• Charging of devices at airports and hotels – what are the risks?
• Best practice procedures for purging your laptops and devices.
• The legalities of data searches of electronic devices at airports
• Determining what your company’s limits of acceptable behaviour are regarding cyberspace and the accountability of your employees for their own cyber security.
• Stolen phones, laptops and tablets – limiting the impact.