Managing Risks and Behavior

Behavioral Risk – How Do You Influence Change In Your Travellers Behavior And Attitudes?

The Crystal Ballroom June 13, 2019 09.55 - 10.20

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• Understanding your own profile, how you would react under stress and the behaviors which could get you into trouble.
• Complacency around regular travel – overcoming ‘we know the city, we’ve been there before’ mentality
• Groupthink mentality which can inflame a situation.
• Challenges around alcohol and business drinking cultures
• Being explicit in your expectations of conduct
• What risks and liability might an employer face if non-compliance is consistently having little of no consequence for the offender?
• How do you change the habits and behaviours of subcontractors, agents and consultants who may be representing your organisation?
• How far can you monitor and dictate people’s social media conversations?
• Managing your social media footprint prior to travel, issues around retweeters in your network